Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stamp Works for Sale!

Dear friends,

I hope you are not shocked by that headline because during the last 5 years you have become so much more than customers, you have become dear friends. As such, I felt you should have the opportunity to continue the tradition that began with Maryon and then Deb, and then Judy, then Pam to me and finally, maybe YOU!

You see, all of the previous owners of Stamp Works had been customers, and we took the opportunity to take Stamp Works to the next level by bringing fresh ideas, new products, and an array of teachers who have helped this business grow stronger and larger after 25 years in the same lovely location.

This was a very difficult decision, because I love running the store and love having the opportunity to relate to all of you on a regular basis. But, as many of you know, my husband’s condition will never improve and we would like to spend as much time together before the inevitable deterioration occurs.

As this is an emotional decision for me, I do not wish to discuss any particulars during business hours. Please call Greg at 520-483-0714 to discuss this great opportunity.

When I purchased Stamp Works, we had heard that Pam was interested in selling. We talked over lunch, Greg drove to the store and made Pam a reasonable offer, she agreed and I met the two of them at our bank where we wired the funds to Pam and the bank officer notarized the sale. The whole process took less than three hours. We would love to be able to make it that easy for one of you to enjoy the rich and rewarding history that is Stamp Works!


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